Wednesday, June 27, 2007


I have to admit that I’m new to blogging, but I hope this can be a beneficial experience for both of us.

I’d like to hear your comments and opinions on health care issues of note, and I hope that they will result in open, robust discussion. I am passionate about health care and have been working in the field for about 35 years, so I’m hoping that I might be able to share from my experience and learn from yours as well!

Just as in CHRISTUS, there are no hidden agendas here. I would be willing to share my thoughts about almost everything, including my successes, my failures and my “lessons learned”.

However, I can’t comment on individual and legally confidential patient care issues here, but I can refer patients of our facilities to the appropriate people if they have problems or complaints. I also can’t comment on the individual and legally confidential personnel matters of our Associates (employees), although I can refer people to the appropriate folks in CHRISTUS who can help them. And although I am a physician, I’d prefer to avoid commenting on individual and specific medical cases. I’d like to let the capable physicians involved in those cases handle that care since a physician with whom you have a relationship can become familiar with your medical issues and provide the most appropriate ongoing care.

So here we go! Feel free to ask me questions about what it’s like to work in health care, about health care in general, or let me know about your experiences. I plan to update my blog every Wednesday, and respond to comments during the week as time allows. I’m excited to share this journey with all of you!