Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A time of transition

As I mentioned in my last post, I transitioned to the CEO Emeritus role at CHRISTUS Health on March 1, 2011. This is a time of many great changes, and my blog is one of them!

While I have truly enjoyed interacting with each of you in this forum, I’m moving to a new blog that will allow me more flexibility and an enhanced ability to share what I’m doing and learning in my new pursuits.

One of those pursuits includes a book I am writing, which I’ll be posting about on my new blog tomorrow! Please join me at to continue the conversation.

Thanks to each of you for the time you’ve invested here in this blog and engaging with me. I’ve been blessed by my interactions with each of you.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Yes, This Was One of the Reasons: Some Final Reflections

As I transitioned to the CEO Emeritus role at CHRISTUS Health on March 1, 2011, I wanted to share with you some reflections in my final days as the team leader of the CHRISTUS Health ministry.

As a health system, in principle, we know what we need to do over the next decade to be successful. From the five strategic directions which emanated from our Futures Task Force II work and the proposals articulated in the health care reform law, we have a fairly clear itinerary. There is no question that the health care industry is about to go through transformational change.

With that said, while we all recognize that although our itinerary is extremely clear and well-planned, driven by both our successes and challenges over the last 12 years, an itinerary is not a roadmap. I explained this in a presentation given to CHRISTUS Health Associates over the past months:

Just as we, together, created the roadmap to execute our learnings and recommendations from Futures Task Force I, which has driven us to a great place on our Journey to Excellence, Ernie Sadau, CHRISTUS’ new CEO and his senior leadership team, in collaboration with the entire CHRISTUS family—the Associates, physicians, volunteers, governance boards and committees and the sponsoring congregations—will have to create and communicate the CHRISTUS rules going forward. This will ensure that our vision of becoming a health and wellness delivery system which can manage and coordinate our patients’ and residents’ health across all care settings will become a reality. This level of organizational preparedness will require new or enhanced care competencies which we have identified for 2011, and have numerous initiatives in place to accomplish such.

As in the past, the future work of the entire CHRISTUS Health family will have to be transformational work. And as I have reiterated on many occasions and at many events this year throughout the system, transformational outcomes are facilitated by people who have been called to their work. For me, determining whether you have been called can be done by asking a question I have asked myself at various times in my life’s journey; “Could this be one of the reasons why God put me on this earth?”

My wife Jane and I know that we were called to CHRISTUS Health. And, yes, I know having the privilege of being the team leader for our Associates is one of the reasons I was put on this earth. Truly, walking with you has been a blessing. For this, I will be eternally grateful and extend my sincerest of thanks for all the contributions you have made to collectively help us to be successful on our 12-year Journey to Excellence.

Hopefully our paths might cross again as I serve as the CEO Emeritus of our great ministry. Each day, I will keep you in my prayers, knowing that Ernie and his Senior Leadership Team will be most successful in driving the transformational changes necessary to ensure our success in reaching the top of the excellence mountain. It is with special love for each Associate that I conclude with one more sincere thanks for your support—past, present and future.

Ernie Sadau