Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Health Care Reform: Ensure That Health Care is Patient-Centered

I have repeatedly stressed that for CHRISTUS Health, keeping a picture of a patient in our minds as we make decisions is a must. In the same way, I believe that those who come to the table to enact health care reform must balance the many voices that will fight to be heard, but ultimately keep the same picture in mind as the ultimate voice as they design a new plan for the U.S. going forward.

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James Frame, M.D.,J.D. said...

I believe you are absolutely correct as to our Theme Objective. We cannot press forward as a National Medical Community without adopting the very difficult concepts of 24/7 medicine and 24/7 services.

As we move forward to this "New Era of responsibility" one focus is on the Health Safety Net, the "Emergency Departments."

The uninsured, children's care, specialist coverage, unfunded EMTALA mandates, ED Bed boarding, crushing ED surge capacity, and the nursing shortage has brought the nation's EDs (especially the Texas EDs) to the breaking point. I do not believe EMTALA even remotely anticipated 115 million patients (over 1/3rd of the population) to be in the "Safety Net."

Creative solutions to the Health Care Crises, as Dr. Royer has opined, is a call to action. Time to get this issue out of committee and into a workable plan.