Thursday, July 30, 2009

Back again

I’ve taken my blog back, but am on the road again and have decided to take a break this week from blogging. This would be a great time for those of you who weren’t able to keep up with our blog posts from D.C. last week to look them over now.

Blog: Hijacked!

Day 1: Disaster Preparedness, Health Care Reform and Health Care IT (written by Abby Lowe)

Video: One stop on our whirlwind tour

Day 2: CHRISTUS is Unusual (Written by Abby Lowe)

Day 3: Change is Hard, but our CHRISTUS Family Does it Well (written by Abby Lowe)

Video: We did this all week long

Day 4: Health Care Reform: What does it mean for me, my neighbor, and Ronnie? (written by Abby Lowe)

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Anonymous said...

There is plenty of criticism going around the country regarding President Obama's health care reform.

One such criticism is that seniors will be left with worse health care coverage. For example:

A 79 year old man is diagnosed with colon cancer. There is a drug available that will help him fight the cancer and it costs $50,000 a year to purchase. Obama's government insurance plan would deny him the drug because the expense would be deemed wasteful on someone who is 79 years old who will likely not live much longer. The money would be better spent on someone younger who has longer to live. It is called rationing.

If health care reform is very important, someone is going to have to address the criticism in a meaningful way but right now it isn't happening. Politicians giving stump speaches without addressing specifics does little to quell the concerns. As a health care professional, could you please address some of the criticism around Obama's health care plan?