Friday, March 5, 2010

Findings of CHRISTUS’ Second Futures Task Force

CHRISTUS Health’s Futures Task Force II embarked on a year-long journey to identify the emerging trends that would shape the world, the health care industry and the CHRISTUS Health ministry in 2020 and beyond. This journey included a deep exploration of trends in a vast array of areas including social paradigms, science, technology, energy, consumer empowerment, the environment, geopolitics, innovation and the definition and role of community, to name just a few.

Futures Task Force II identified 5 critical strategic directions that CHRISTUS must follow to meet the changes coming in the next 10 years.

Five Critical Strategic Directions

1. Realign the portfolio to create stronger, more dynamic structures to strengthen and sustain the ministry long term
• Constantly consider optimal processes, structures and services and modify the CHRISTUS portfolio accordingly
• Employ intense and sustained operational discipline to garner optimal performance from all entities
• Invest in innovative new services and markets that increase the relevance and strength of the ministry.
• Divest of ministries that cannot achieve viability or market relevance to meet the needs of our community members

2. Recreate CHRISTUS Health for a Base of the Pyramid (middle/low income) Population - Redesign our health ministry to serve the broadest population in our communities, increasing our reach ten-fold
• Develop a strategic niche as the high quality, low cost care provider by innovating the care delivery process
• Over HALF of the US population cannot be sustainably served with our current health care delivery system. Throughout our CHRISTUS markets, we are called to find innovation solutions to meet the needs of our communities, and serving the base of the pyramid will be critical as this segment expands.
Total US Population - 300 million - 100%
Total US Uninsured - 46 million - 15.3%
Total U.S. Underinsured - 25 million - 8.3%
Total U.S. Medicare population - 45 million - 15%
Total U.S. Medicaid population - 52 million - 17.3%
• Expand existing low cost strategies to new customer bases
• Develop new and sustainable care delivery processes that improve access and maintain quality
• Focus on innovating at the “low end” of the continuum
• Implement internationally and in the US

3. Build “aggregator models,” in which we own, partner for or vet an ever-growing array of products and services designed to meet the needs and expectations of our customers, whatever they may be.
• Develop aggregator models to generate new revenue, lower cost, improve customer service and expand products and services to targeted customers
• Base aggregated products and services on in-depth customer research
• Partner, develop and/or acquire technology to grow and strengthen the aggregator model
• Develop disease/demographic specific aggregator models to support the broader ministry

4. Strengthen and expand our international ministry to diversify and strengthen the system portfolio and expand the ministry in an increasingly global world.
• Build upon our successes of CHRISTUS Muguerza in Mexico to double the size of our Mexican ministry through strategic partnerships and internal growth strategies.
• Expand our international presence throughout the Americas and consider other opportunities as they arise
• Implement “base of the pyramid strategies” internationally
• Incubate innovation in international markets

5. Harness the new power of technology to further our vision and enable our strategy
• Develop a technology strategy to support the broader vision
• Develop partnerships with technology developers to grow and support long-term direction
• Partner to develop branded technologies as new revenue source strategic enabler as well as strategic differentiator
• Embrace GRIN (Genetics, Robotics, Information technologies and nanotechnologies)

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