Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Organizations Recognition Through Individual Awards

As another individual award was announced recently, and I was reminded again of the importance of two things: a key system initiative and the importance of teamwork.

Since CHRISTUS Health was formed over 11 years ago, one of our system initiatives has been to serve as an “influencer,” creating positive change in the health care delivery processes in both the U.S. and Mexico. The pathways for exerting these influences include writing and publishing papers; speaking at local, state, national and international conferences and receiving awards and recognitions. By achieving and sustaining influential status, we have become the “go to” organization for many members of the government, media and other colleagues and organizations in the field, who seek our knowledge and advice regarding the various components of the delivery process. Examples include future planning, revenue cycle, creating “systemness” and international development.

The other important thing to remember about an individual award is that it represents much hard work and success of a team of people in the CHRISTUS family. Each time an individual award is received, the awardee should pause and identify all the people who work with him or her who caused the recognition to occur. Today, with the complexities we face in this industry, it is hard to identify any success from which only one individual is responsible.

So, having recently been included in Becker's Hospital Review's annual list of 60 Physician Leaders of Hospitals and Health Systems, I stopped to write the same note as I always do on these occasions to the CHRISTUS Senior Leadership Team:
Thanks for all you do to make me look good! You make me proud! Always remember, it is what we do collectively that continues to move us forward on our Journey to Excellence!

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