Thursday, September 30, 2010

Five Ways Hospitals Will Change Over the Next 10 Years

I recently shared an article with our leaders from Becker’s Hospital Review entitled, ”5 Ways Hospitals will Change Over the Next 10 Years”.

I believe the information presented reaffirms what we have been saying, and supports the CHRISTUS vision, as well as our 5 Strategic Directions and 8 Enablers. In fact, I have blogged about all of the changes listed in this publication over the years. If you’d like to read more about how CHRISTUS is addressing these changes, I’ve provided links to these blog posts below.

5 Ways Hospitals will Change Over the Next 10 Years:

1. Hospitals will redesign their current processes rather than build new facilities. Blog post: Organizational Redesign

2. Physicians, RNs and physician extenders will do the work that fits their credentialing. Blog posts: Remembering the Human Touch and Health Care Reform: The Primary Care Crisis

3. Some hospitals will inevitably fail. Blog post: Competition and Collaboration

4. Hospitals will focus more energy on reducing readmissions. Blog posts: Catholic-Owned Health Care Systems Earn High Marks and CHRISTUS’ Changing Portfolio: 1/3 Non-Acute Care

5. Hospitals will have to focus more on disease prevention. Blog post: Health Care Reform: Wellness Programs and Prevention

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