Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My Goals for Fiscal Year 2008

Because I believe strongly in total transparency, and since I have already shared CHRISTUS’ overall goals, I thought it would be appropriate to share my goals for the current fiscal year.

In September or October, when our Board of Directors completes my evaluation, I will share my self-evaluation, and measure how I believe I’ve met my goals for this fiscal year.

My goals for this year are:

1. To achieve and sustain improvement in the Business Literacy Metrics
a. Reach or exceed the budgeted operating income of $50 million.
b. Achieve and maintain days-in-cash of 190.
c. Sustain present bond rating of both Standard & Poor’s and Moody’s.

2. To achieve and sustain improvement in the Service Delivery Metrics
a. Patient Satisfaction:
i. Inpatient – 90 percent
ii. Emergency Department – 70 percent
iii. Outpatient – 70 percent
iv. Ambulatory Surgery – 75 percent
b. Associate satisfaction – 80 percent
c. Associate engagement – 80 percent
d. Physician satisfaction – 60 percent

3. To continue to develop and fully implement a program to increase cultural competency throughout CHRISTUS, including the continuing support and participation in the CHRISTUS leadership academy, our Center for Management Excellence and our coaching and mentoring programs.
a. Continue the Mentorship program with 50 percent of mentees being ethnically
b. Continue the CHRISTUS Academy, maintaining current diversity at 46 percent, or an increased percentage.
c. Continue to provide career advancement opportunities for CHRISTUS Academy graduates.
d. Continue to increase the number of diverse candidates—ethnic, gender, age and capabilities—on the regional leadership teams, both in the U.S. and on the Senior Leadership Team, as openings occur.

4. Acquire and integrate McKenna into the San Antonio region and create a new region by partnering with St. Vincent Health System in New Mexico.

a. Definitive agreements will be signed.
b. Leadership teams reporting to the Senior Operational Officer will be in place and functioning.

5. Recruit and fully integrate a new Senior Vice President for Mission, Ethics and Spiritual Care into the Senior Team and CHRISTUS Health
a. Oversee search process that must formally commence by September 2007.
b. Final candidate must be identified by February 2008, with a start date of April 2008.
c. Oversee two-month orientation and transition with Sister Theresa McGrath, who currently holds the position.

6. Commence and be a full participant in the Futures Task Force II
a. Read all pre-session material.
b. Attend all sessions.
c. Participate n Learning Journeys as deemed appropriate.

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