Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The CHRISTUS Talent Management Program

On Feb. 7, we recognized the completion of our first Executive Development program (which we originally called the “Talent Management” program) with the graduation of 16 CHRISTUS executives who spent the last year on a learning journey. Participants in the year-long program were each assigned an executive coach to work with throughout the year. They worked with their coaches to create a formal development plan and attended three learning sessions. These sessions focused on negotiations, cross-cultural competency and Catholic theology and identity, highlighting our community in ministry.

As I have said here before, leadership development is critical for CHRISTUS in order to guarantee that we are “growing future” leaders who can ensure that our ministry is successful into the future. I want to congratulate these leaders and acknowledge them for contribution hard work this past year.

The Associates who participated in the inaugural year-long program recently shared their learnings gained throughout the year and provided valuable feedback to CHRISTUS designed to enhance the program going forward. A dinner to celebrate the accomplishments of the participants was hosted by the CHRISTUS Senior Leadership Team.

The learnings from the first year of the CHRISTUS Executive Development Program will be applied to enhance the program in 2008. CHRISTUS has already seen benefits from the process that will enhance the leadership competencies for the organization.

Consistent with our core value of excellence, we work continually to improve processes and build best practices, and this program is no different. Although the members of the first Executive Development class volunteered to participate, the second year participants were nominated by our regional CEOs and senior leaders. Our Talent Management committee then reviewed the performance and other assessments of each nominee and selected 16 participants for the 2008 program.

The 2008 Executive Development Program began on Feb 12. The class year was launched with a session highlighting the program’s objectives, an explanation of the coaching process and detailed information about what participants can expect. The agenda included exercises and discussions designed to promote participant relationships and heighten self-awareness.

CHRISTUS Health’s expectations with respect to each participant’s obligations were also covered. The coaches for the program have taken the time to learn about the ministry and the foundational documents that distinguish CHRISTUS as a Catholic health care system. They also have learned of the CHRISTUS Journey to Excellence, as well as the unique operational challenges faced by CHRISTUS executives as leaders serving in a non-profit, Catholic, faith-based organization.

The program coaches have also learned about the initiatives taken to position CHRISTUS positively in the marketplace and the efforts being made to establish CHRISTUS as an “employer of choice.” All of the coaches are former executives or business owners who have had practical “profit and loss” experience. They also have extensive, first-hand experience in working with all aspects of development including the emotional, psychological, physiological and spiritual dimensions of human behavior.

This is the newest program added to the CHRISTUS Associate development portfolio and complements the wide variety of programs already available. Other key programs include:
• CHRISTUS Academy
• CHRISTUS Mentorship Program
• CHRISTUS Center for Management Excellence (CCME)
• Leadership Enrichment
• Online Learning
• Workforce Development

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