Tuesday, February 2, 2010

CHRISTUS’ 11th birthday

As an organization, our tradition is to celebrate Feb. 1 as CHRISTUS Day (the anniversary of the founding of CHRISTUS Health), honoring the formation of this organization built upon the strong, enduring legacy of our founding Sisters. Across CHRISTUS, our Associates, physicians and volunteers will gather this week to recognize the journey we have taken and the incredible commitment of everyone involved. CHRISTUS facilities, services and programs each have their own unique characteristics, but wherever we serve, we do so with the same commitment to service excellence and quality care. We celebrate the successes we have had this past year and our future direction, which will guide us through this second decade of our sacred work to extend the healing ministry of Jesus Christ.

In many ways, the “infancy” of our organization is over. We are now well-formed and clear about our direction. We are cognizant of our myriad of strengths and numerous challenges. Our identity is intact, our structure strong, our commitment clear and resounding. Our “brand” and our commitment to excellence are achieving measurable results.

During this next chapter of our history, we will be intentional in strengthening our ministry in areas of excellence and achievement we have experienced, while we also expanding our ministry according to our strategic plans. That's why the theme for this year’s CHRISTUS Day celebration was “Strengthening and Expanding our Ministry.”

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