Thursday, February 25, 2010

Guest Post: Meet the CHRISTUS Team in Haiti, Pt. 5

As Dr. Royer is in Haiti with the CHRISTUS team, updates on the team’s work there will be posted by the CHRISTUS Communications team in Dallas.

Each day this week, we will post photos and biographies of members of the CHRISTUS team in Haiti, as well as a prayer to offer on their behalf.

Dr. Manish Wani currently serves as Chief of Staff-elect at CHRISTUS St. Catherine Hospital in Katy, Texas. He specializes in Advanced Rhinology and is a Diplomate of the American Board of Otolaryngology Head & Neck Surgery. He has two children, and his greatest sports passion is supporting the Houston Astros.

Sheryl Hall, CRNA, currently serves as a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist at CHRISTUS St. Catherine Hospital in Katy, Texas, and has 15 years of experience in anesthesia. She loves being a rancher in her spare time, and recently moved with her partner to a home near her sister. They have 3 dogs, 7 longhorns, and 2 donkeys. This is her first medical mission trip.

Karen Carr, RN, is an Operating Room Nurse at CHRISTUS St. Patrick Hospital in Lake Charles, Louisiana. She has 30 years of OR experience and five years of Intensive Care unit experience. She is currently a “go to” all around staff nurse in the OR. She is married and has one daughter, two grandchildren, and a cat named Maggie. It has always been a dream of Karen’s to be involved in a mission trip, however this will be her very first.

Melanie Gentry, RN, MSN, is an Operating Room Nurse at CHRISTUS St. Patrick Hospital in Lake Charles, Louisiana. She has 29 years of Operating Room experience with scrubbing and circulating skills in all specialties, as well as cross-training in PACU and as Charge Nurse. She has recently completed her MSN in Nursing Education. Her current focus is as Surgical Services Educator, but she is also an Open Heart Team member, scrubbing, circulating, and taking call. Melanie is married, has one daughter, and this is her first mission trip.

Please join the CHRISTUS family in praying for our team in Haiti and their work there, as well as all those affected by the earthquake:

Protect Me, O God, For In You I Take Refuge

God of the mountains and the seas, the awesome power of nature can be both a wonder as well as a source of tragedy. We cry out to you in this time of great need for all those who are affected by the recent earthquake in Haiti.

Almighty and everlasting God, comfort of the sad and strength to those who suffer: Let the prayers of your children who are in any trouble rise to you. We lift up those who have lost loved ones, grant your peace; for those who seek shelter and food, grant your comfort; for those facing illness, grant your healing; for those whose lives have been shattered, grant your strength.

God of wisdom and strength, guide the hands of those who provide emergency relief. We entrust to you those who care for the bereaved, those with the gift of healing, those who carry the burdens of moving debris, and those who distribute much needed supplies. Challenging as it may seem at times, their work is very important. Give them the endurance that is needed to continue in their good works.

God of all consolation, in the midst of things we do not understand, tragedy too great to comprehend, and grieving too heavy to bear, grant your peace. This is a time when we welcome your Word of hope born into our world. May that hope burn in our hearts. Amen.

Prayer for Haiti Earthquake Victims

Leader: O God of mercy, look with pity upon all those who have been left homeless, bereft, in shock, in the wake of this mighty act of nature in Haiti. Lord, in your mercy,

Response: Hear our prayer.

Leader: Holy God, who fed your people in the wilderness, whose loving kindness is everlasting, lift the burdens of all who are weary from the search for food and refresh those who are parched from thirst. Lord, in your mercy,

Response: Hear our prayer.

Leader: O Source of all consolation, comfort with the sure sense of your presence all who feel forsaken, and all those who have lost loved ones. Lord, in your mercy,

Response: Hear our prayer.

Response: Gracious God, you sent your son Jesus to bring sight to the blind, hearing and healing to all who asked, open our ears to all cries of affliction, and through us provide healing and help. Lord, in your mercy,

Response: Hear our prayer.

Leader: Merciful God, you ask us to cleanse our hearts, to loose the bonds of oppression, and to repair the ruins. Pour out upon us the Spirit of your love and generosity that we might pour ourselves out for the victims of the earthquake in Haiti so that they, too, will know your generous healing power. We ask this through Christ, our Lord. Amen.

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